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Mystery Manor - Game IntroductionEdit

Mystery Manor for iPad coming soon Game trailer

Mystery Manor for iPad coming soon Game trailer

Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure (mobile) is the iPad version of the popular PC/FB game developed by Game Insight. This is a hidden object style strategy game in which you are trapped in the Mystery Manor owned by the mysterious Mister X. You will need to search through various rooms to find hidden objects and locate treasures and collectible items! Watch out for all the scary roamers.....This is a quest progression game where you increase in levels and reputation to open new rooms and find new objects. Visit neighbours and help them find things in their manor by leaving tips & waking up their helpers; send and trade gifts to help each other complete collections.

Quick Start GuideEdit

Getting Started

  • Facebook is not required to play Mystery Manor on your iPad. Just download it from the iTunes store and start playing!
  • You will be taken on a brief tutorial of how to maneuver around the game board and work through a basic hidden object scene.
  • The game has a lot of dialogue to read in between scenes. You can click on the text to close it if you’re not interested in the storyline.

Screen Layout

  • At the top of the screen you will see a picture of you (tap it to select a different avatar), your name (tap it to change for a fee of 5 diamonds), your level, your accumulated experience points, your energy meter, and your currency.
  • Game controls - Along the top right of the game screen (next to the gold meter) there is an icon with a wrench on it. Click on this to toggle the game music and sounds on or off and to change the screen to low or high quality depending on your computer speed.

  • The left hand side of the screen, running vertically, is where your active quests will appear. If you have a lot, you can scroll the quests up/down.
  • The right hand side of the screen has your game icons and a summary of the tools you have to help you in searching rooms (see "Tools" below). The game icons include: Inventory, Shop (where you buy stuff), Gifts, Information, Friends, Ratings (leaderboards), Achievements, your Wall, & an as yet unused icon called Expedition (a future game expansion that will allow you to visit other galaxies).
  • Also running vertically along the right hand side will be temporary alerts that give you news on the latest in-game events, tell you how much time you have remaining on an activated charm, what bonus you get from having a friend help you search a room, and a big ? that takes you to Mystery Manor's Facebook page.
  • Experience points - Experience points (XP) are earned by searching rooms, visiting neighbors, completing collections & quests, banishing roamers, and purchasing items from the game store. XP points are what allow you to level up. The meter at the top left (under your name) shows you your current level and how much XP you need to reach the next level.
  • Energy - This is the green meter, at the top of your screen to the right of your name. It shows your current and maximum available energy, i.e. 41/80. The timer underneath counts down to when you regenerate your next point of energy. See "Energy" below for more information.

Game CurrencyEdit

There are two types of currency in Mystery Manor:
  • Gold coins - This is the basic game currency and what you earn when you find items, complete quests, banish roamers, and visit neighbors.
  • Diamonds - Diamonds are the premium currency of the game and can be used to buy high end items, special game advantages, and meals to restore energy. You earn diamonds every time you level, otherwise they must be purchased with real $$. See the section below on "Adding Friends" to learn how adding neighbours can earn you diamonds.
  • How to obtain more currency - You can purchase additional diamonds or gold coins, via your iTunes account, by clicking on the “+” symbol next to the currency indicators at the top of your game screen.


Access your inventory by tapping the Inventory icon located in the top right corner of your screen. Here you can see your various stats, like # of collections assembled, Artifacts crafted, etc. You also have tabs across the top as follows: Energy, Charms, Chests, Keys, Banishing Tools, Searching Tools, Charge Items, and Miscellaneous. Within these tabs you will find any meals, charms, or chests you purchased/received, various "keys" that you have collecting to help you enter rooms (ie. Golden Tusks, Runestones, or Golden Scrolls etc. See OPENING ROOMS for more info), the various tools you have to banish roamers or explore rooms, your collected charge items, and various and sundry other things.

You can also change your name from this screen, for a fee of 5 diamonds.


Energy is used each time you search a hidden object scene and you are given a maximum of 30 energy points when you start the game. The energy meter is located top center of the game screen and you can see a countdown clock which earns you one energy point each time it hits zero; energy regenerates at the rate of one energy point every 3 minutes.

Each time you level up the maximum energy your meter can hold increases by 10 and you earn a complete energy meter refill each time you level up in the game.

How to obtain more energy - You can obtain energy points in a few ways. You can let it regenerate over time, you can purchase meals with diamonds in the game store (or charge a collection for a meal reward), or you can run various charms that enhance your energy regeneration.

Note - “Energy” is what you use to search rooms in your game. “Strength” is what is used when you visit neighbors and help them. (See “Strength” below for more information.)


Meals (ie. Chocolate, cup of coffee, english breakfast) can be used to restore your energy and can be obtained in several ways:

  • Review the rewards for charging the different collections, and you'll see some give you different meals that help replenish your energy reserve;
  • Some quests offer meals as a reward for completion;
  • Meals can also be purchased with diamonds in the game store; they range from a cup of coffee, which is a few energy points, to the largest meal that actually increases your energy maximum by 10 and refills your energy meter.
  • Click on the store button then look for the “Meals” tab to access this area.


  • There are ongoing quests that you will be able to complete for coins and XP rewards.
  • All quests show as icons, stacking horizontally on the left side of your screen.
  • You will have to do things such as finding specific items in rooms or clearing out a room a certain number of times, or in a certain mode (ie. complete the living room in night mode).
  • As soon as one quest is completed you will have to click on the icon and then click on “Claim My Reward” as the game does not always automatically notify you that you have finished the quest.
  • Often, as soon as one quest has been completed and the reward claimed, a new one will appear in its place and the storyline will continue.
  • Sometimes, needed quest items are from a collection, and you can place these on your wishlist (see Wishlist below) so that a neighbour can gift it to you.
  • You can sometimes use diamonds to purchase items required of you in quests, although due to the limited amount of diamonds given to you by the game, this is not recommended.

How to Find Hidden ObjectsEdit

  • Mmho
    You will start each game on the map of Mystery Manor. The first room is unlocked and you will unlock more rooms as you level up. Click on an open room to search it. Note that you may need to search more than one room to complete any given quest.
  • Next you will see a message that contains some storyline and explains what items you can find that are collectibles in this particular room. Be sure to look at these items closely; you can tap on them to see a written description if you are not sure what the item is. These items are "potential" finds (random drops) and very often, unless using a charm of some sort, you may search a room and find nothing; you may have to search a room many times before you run across them. The collectibles do not appear in your list to the right of items to find in the room, and you only find out which ones (if any) you discovered when you are finished playing the scene.
  • Once you enter the hidden object screen you will be playing in timed mode. You will see a countdown clock in the upper right hand corner of the game screen.
  • Phenomena - As you level up there will be all kinds of obstacles or phenomena that make it harder for you to find items in a room. You can pay with diamonds to remove the phenomena or you can purchase charms, or special items to help you overcome them. Tools will be used to overcome most phenomena. (See “Phenomena” below for more detailed information.)
  • You will have a list in the upper right corner. In this list you will see either a text description or a silhouette of the item you need to find. As you level up other things will happen such as the words in the list may be scrambled.
  • When playing the scene, just tap on an item you think corresponds to an item on the list of what you need to find to complete the scene. Each time you play the same room, the items to find change, and their locations vary.
  • You start each room as a Trainee. As you complete the room again and again, you progress through levels up to Expert. Each time you achieve a new level of competency you get more items to discover.
  • If you correctly find an item you will see a coin fall and it will split into a coin, energy bolt, and experience star. Click on these if you can and if not they will add to your totals.
  • You must find all of the items before the timer runs out, you are only given 5 minutes to search a location (less if there are certain phenomena in the room) and if you do not you will see a “Failed” message and will have to use more energy to try again.
  • Using tools - When you are stumped or you have a phenomena in place making it hard for you to complete the search you can use tools that are located under the text list of items to find on the right of the screen. Each tool has a different use and you will have to decide which ones to use in which scenes based on how you play and what kind of issues you encounter. (See “Tools/items to help you find objects” below for more details)
  • As you level up there will be more rooms with phenomena happening to them. Be sure to read about this in the “Phenomena” section of this guide.

Tools and ItemsEdit

  • Tools are used to help you find hidden objects in a scene or to fight off various phenomena that may be in place in a room. Tools are listed at the mid-right of the search screen. Click on them to use or add more.
  • You can get tools in a few ways:
    • You can purchase them with gold and/or diamonds from the shop. Click on the store icon and then on “Tools” at the tab along the top to locate them.
    • You can get them as rewards by charging collections; or
    • You can receive them in mystery gifts. Mystery gifts are sent to you when a friend "Thanks" you for giving them a gift.
  • Types of tools:
  • Compass Tool - Mysteriously guides you to the item you are looking for. These can be purchased for one diamond each or you can purchase a 10 pack for nine diamonds.
  • Flashlight/Enhanced Flashlight - Lasts either 30 or 60 seconds and increases your light’s range for use in dark screens
  • Time Freeze - Stops time for 40 seconds.
  • Enhanced Time Snail - Slows time for 60 seconds.
  • Gold Bomb - This causes five items on the find list to blow up.
  • Time Snail - Slows speed to half speed for 10 seconds.
  • The Flare - This lights up the entire room while it is in night mode for 30 seconds.
  • Enhanced Pointer - This lights up items that are on your list when you point at them for 60 seconds.
  • Pointer - This lights up items that are on your list when you point to them for 30 seconds.


  • Each room in the manor will have various “Phenomena” that you have to get rid of or use tools to defeat. You will see the name of the phenomena when you place your cursor over the room such as “Evil Eye” or “Witches Curse”. They appear randomly and you can watch the animated graphic of the phenomena enter your mansion and head to a room. Various phenomena include the Mist, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Angry Idol, or UFO.
  • You can instantly remove an annoying phenomenon by purchasing its removal with diamonds or you can clear the room which may eventually stop it.
  • Phenomenons might include a dark room in which you have to use a flashlight (mist), or you may have a curse where time moves faster than what the clock tells you and you will need to purchase a snail charm to counteract it for a few seconds.
  • There are times however, when you want a phenomena to appear, such as when you are given a quest to explore the Library when the Mist is in it, and you also do NOT want to banish it. Please see PHENOMENA for more details.


  • Charms are used for special benefits in the game as you search rooms. They increase your luck, give you more coins, give you more XP, or increase the odds collectibles will be in a room you search.
  • You may also be able to increase your odds of finding items for a specific number of hours or you could speed up your energy restore rate or the percentage of experience you will earn while searching.
  • Some Charms are given as rewards for charging various collections. You can also purchase charms with gold or diamonds by visiting the game store and click on the “Charms” tab to access the various charms. Once purchased, a charm will appear in the Charm tab of your own inventory (tap the inventory icon on the top right of your screen).
  • Most charms are only available for purchase once you reach a certain level and unlock them.

Neighbours & GiftingEdit

Having friends is very important when playing Mystery Manor. Friends can help you find needed items in your manor and gift you needed items on a daily basis.

Adding NeighboursEdit

Tap the Friends icon on the right side of your screen. From the popup window the first tab are friends you can add as randomly selected by Game Insight. The second tab will list the friends you already have. The next tab tells you if you have pending friend requests. The last tab will allow you to directly enter in another friends code (if you know it) and tell you your own friend code so you can give it to others so they may add you.

The very best and easiest way of adding friends (and gaining diamonds) is to use the Friend Synthisizer . This is a free service offered by the Mystery Manor Unofficial Fans Forum ! Read all about it before launching it though, you launch the actual application by clicking the link to the Synthesizer from the top of the MMUFF page.

How Do Friends Help?Edit

Having friends will help you explore your rooms in two ways:

Floating NeighoursEdit

  • On your manor map you will see the names of people floating around the map and footprints that appear and disappear in a magical fashion. These are people that first became your friends on your friend list. At first, you'll have a small number of helpers but as you level up the number increases. The current maximum number of helpers is 15.
  • Click on one of these neighbors to initiate a bonus for using them to help you search in one of your rooms. When you accept a neighbours help, an icon will appear on the right side of the screen showing their occupational bonus that is in effect for the next search of your room.
  • The help friends provide will depend on that friends ocupation (banker, explorer, or scientist), and the level of help you get from that friend increases with the friends level. Bankers give you a coin bonus, explorers increase your chances of finding a discoverable collection/quest item, and scientists increase the experience you gain from exploring a room.
  • Repeatedly using the same friend will tire them out making them sleepy. This friend cannot be used again until a specified period of time has elapsed, or a visiting neighbour "wakes" them up. You can also wake up your own helpers by purchasing Alarm Clocks from the store.

Note: the only way to find out your own occupation is to tip a neighbours mansion, and post a message on their wall asking them what your occupation is. Higher level players don't always appreciate a bankers tips, as they are so in need of the explorers tips or the extra xp from a scientist, but they always appreciate having their helpers woken.

Room TipsEdit

  • When a friend visits your manor, they can help you in a couple of ways. First, they can "tip" your room. This means that the next time you go to explore a room, you will do so with the benefit of that friends level and occupation (banker, scientist, or explorer);
  • Secondly, they can "wake up" your sleepy helpers; these are helpers that you've exhausted and are displayed with an alarm clock showing in place of the hand.
  • Leaving room tips or waking helpers uses 10 "strength" points (see Strength below) and adds one to the tipper/wakers Reputation.

So, between using the help of floating neighbours, and having friends drop by and tipping your room, you can double up on your coins, your chances of finding a collection/quest item, or your experience or a combination of these.

Asking Friends for GiftsEdit

You can send a gift request to each friends "wall" once a day. Only charging items or quests that require you to collect items (ie for opening the lab, oceanic, pirate room etc) can be requested this way, collection items can not. When your neighbour "gifts" your request from their wall, it is a free gift to you, and does not come from your friends inventory of charging items. Please keep in mind, that all items require that your friend have a minimal level in order to gift to you. See Charging Items for the current list of required levels. You want to make sure you are asking your friends for items they are able to gift to you, or you've wasted the request for that day.

To request an item from your friends, go to the specific collection that you need a charging item for (note: you cannot request a charging item unless you are low on stock). Tap the charging items section, and where it shows you need more of an item in order to charge the collection, you will see an option to "Ask a Friend". Tapping that button brings up your friends list and you can then ask a friend of the correct level to gift that item to you.

Wish List/CollectionsEdit

When you tap on the collections icon on the top right side of the screen (3rd from the top), this will pull up a list of all your items currently collected and the number of charging items you have. There are currently 135 collections available, each requiring you to have 1 each of the five items, and the required number of "charging" items.

Collections can be charged as many times as you like, as long as you continue to find the necessary items. Some items drop very rarely though, so if you've only found one of each item in a collection you may want to hold off charging it until you receive a quest to do so.

At the top of the screen it shows five blank spots in which you can put collection items that you are in need of. This way, a visiting friend can review your wishlist in order to determine if they may be able to help you out.

To "put" an item in your wishlist, scroll down to the collection where the item is needed. There is a tiny + in the bottom right corner of each item in a collection. Tapping the + puts the item up in the wishlist area so visiting friends can see it. Charging items can be added to your wishlist in the same way. To take an item off your wishlist, simply tap the X in the bottom right corner of the item that's already in your wishlist.

Always keep your wishlist up to date. Friends may be generous, but wasting a gift on someone who already has ten of that item and was too lazy to update their wishlist is a great way to discourage friends from gifting you in the future. Keep a good mix of items in your wishlist so that all levels of visiting friends can help you (some hard to find collection items, maybe some different level charging items, needed quest items). Be proactive; if friends visit your manor and there is nothing on your wishlist they can help you with, they'll just send you a generic gift from the random list of gifts available that week.


Tap your Collections icon on the top right hand side of your screen. Next, tap the tab at the top which says Artifacts. There are currently 9 artifacts that can be created. Artifacts can be created in a couple ways:

  • When you have charged a collection, you create a 6th or final, object. Sometimes these final objects can be joined together to create the ultimate collection item, the Artifact; or
  • Sometimes the items to charge an artifact drop from banishing roamers (like the succubi in the monsters event).

Artifacts provide the best rewards available!

Your WallEdit

This is where your friends requests for free gifts goes. The Wall icon is located along the right hand side of your screen, 9th from the top. Your wall icon will also let you know when you have new messages.

You can gift from your wall freely, without the items coming from your own inventory, provided you are at the right level to gift the item (see CHARGING ITEMS) or have removed the level restriction by paying diamonds.

Tend to your own wall daily, and delete messages frequently. It can only hold approximately 50 messages and if you do not clear it out regularly gift requests can vanish into cyberspace.

It's helpful to post a message on your own wall, it will appear in Yellow and be stickied to the top of the wall; perhaps you might use this to let your friends know which charge items you've unlocked, when you're going on vacation, or just saying hi.

This is also where your friends might ask you trade collection items with them, or just post general neighbourly comments. Should a friend post that they had just sent you that much needed & hoped for collection item, you can click the Visit button to promptly pay them a visit to reciprocate the favour.

Receiving Items Gifted to YouEdit

Tap on the Gifts icon located on the right side of the screen (4th from the top). The first tab (My gifts) will contain all the gifts that your friends have sent to you and any mystery gifts you have received. When you accept a gift from a friend, you have the option of "Thanking" them. Always thank a friend, as this sends a Mystery Gift to them which contains random collection items, charging items, or tools to help explore rooms.

Your own Mystery Gifts, from people thanking you, will also show here.

Gifting your Friends & Visiting their ManorEdit


You are able to send 10 collection items and 50 other free gifts to your friends once a day. Collection items come directly from your inventory; the charge items do not (they are free to gift as long as you have the required level, or have removed the level restriction with a diamond purchase; more on this in GIFTING) nor do the generic free gifts offered in the gifting window.

To send your 50 free gifts, there are a couple of methods:

  • You can do this by tapping on your Gift icon on the right side of your screen, the middle tab displays the selection of free gifts that you can send (this selection changes frequently). You can pick a gift to send, then a friend to send it to.
Note: It's an interesting fact, that the list of friends that appear here are in date order. ie. the first friend you added shows up at the top of the list, the last friend you added displays last on the list.
  • The best way to gift however, is to visit your neighbours manor and review their wishlist to see if you can help them out. Keep reading.....

Visiting FriendsEdit

To visit a friend, tap the Friends icon on the right side of the screen (6th from the top). The 2nd tab (Friends) lists all your current friends. It's not organized in a cohesive fashion...not alphabetical, nor by level, nor by the date you added the friend....however, this is where you can find all your friends to visit them (you can also gift the generic free gifts & collection items from here-tap the green Gift button next to your friends name).

The first 50 friends you visit each day gives you 50 xp, 100 coins, and sometimes a bonus for visiting. When just starting out, your ability to tip/wake is limited but the more you help the greater your reputation grows and the more strength you have available for helping. You can only help your neighbour a certain amount of times, which begins at a minimum of 5 and goes up to 15...This amount can be seen in the upper left corner of their mansion as a blue icon with a hand in it. The number you see in this button is the number of times you can help this neighbour a day. As your reputation level increases, so will this number.

You can tip their manor or wake their sleepy helpers, check out their wishlist, and send a gift. Sleepy helpers show an alarm clock for an icon vs. a hand. If you wake your friends helpers, please post on their wall to tell them you did so and there is no game mechanic for them to know who woke them. This will remind your neighbour that you have been helpful. Now...onto to Gifting....

Gifting Friends

Prior to sending your friend a gift, please review their wishlist. Tap on their Gifts icon on the right hand side of the screen and look at the five items they have stated they would really like. A general rule of thumb, is that if this is a friend you really like, and you have MORE than 4 of the item they want, then go ahead and gift it to them. To gift a collection item from your friends wishlist, just tap it and the game will popup with a confirmation window double checking that you do in fact with to send this item; tap yes if you're sure. It's up to you to decide how generous/stingey you are with your collection items. Just remember, how you give is generally how you'll receive also.

So now your friend has a received a collection item from can still send them a free gift from the selection in the gifting window also. Please pay attention to your friends manor before you select a free gift to send them...does your neighbour have locked rooms like the Lab or Oceanic? If yes, are any of the free gifts you can send tied to those rooms (like the air conditionner, lead collar, diving helm, drill etc. See OPENING ROOMS)? Or, if there is an event running be sure to send an item related to the event, if possible, most neighbours really appreciate that.

Later, when your friends accepts these gifts, they will "Thank" you, and this will send you a mystery box for the collection item you sent, and the free gift.

But There's Nothing on my Friends Wishlist I can Help with!

Particularily with higher level friends, you may not be able to help with their wishlist. In this case, just be sure to tip/wake and send a free item from the gifting window. However, if you like this friend a lot, and you have the time, review your neighbours collections. Maybe you can't help them with something on their wishlist specifically, but when reviewing their collection you might see an item they are missing, that you have multiples of and would like to send to them. For instance, when reviewing a friends collections, lets say you notice they are missing a Jane the Rabbit, and you have extras of these. To send your friend one, you can do it several ways:

  • From your neighbours Gifts screen, select the right tab (Send Collections). This brings up YOUR list of collection items. You can scroll through it to find your multiples of Jane the Rabbit and tap SEND. But be very careful, it's easy to inadvertently send the wrong item.
  • It's safer to gift a collection item (not listed in your neighbours wishlist) from your own manor. Return home, tap the Collections icon, scroll through to find your Jane the Rabbit, and then tap the picture of the "gift box" in the bottom left corner of Jane. This will bring up a list of all your neighbours; very carefully scroll through to find the correct neighbour, and click Send (if you accidentally click the wrong neighbour you could always post a message on their wall asking for it back).
  • Or, more could return home to your own manor, tap the Gifts icon, tap the right tab at the top (Send collection), and scroll through and find the item you wish to send. The collection list is in no organized fashion, however, so you're better off using the option detailed above.....or, another way...tap the Friends icon on the right side of the screen, locate your friend, tap Gift, then scroll (carefully) through to find the collection item you wish to send.

When gifting your neighbour a collection item, you might want to post a short message on their wall that you did so. Yes, your neighbour will get the gift, and see you send it, but posting a message on their wall provides an easy way for that neighbour to visit you back and reciprocate.

Remember, be a good neighbour and visit & help regularly and gift collection items when you are able.

Note: Gifts offered in the Gift selection window or those gifted via your wall are "free" and do NOT come from your own inventory. Collection Items do!

Tip: it can be confusing finding your own daily routine of playing hidden objects & visiting friends etc. Here's one strategy that might work for you:

  • Visit & Gift at the same time everyday
  • Before starting your visit & gift run, check your wall and grant all requests that you can from there
  • hit up all 50 neighbours to get the daily bonus; tip/wake & gift

The Mechanics of VisitingEdit


As mentionned above, visiting a neighbour earns you xp, gold, and sometimes a bonus item (usually an item that will later be required to enter a room); you can visit up to 50 friends a day while still earning the rewards (less, depending on your level).

  • How to help - Look for rooms with the orange text ballons in them and click on them. You can leave hints in these rooms for your neighbor and a heart and a coin will appear to reward you.
  • Each heart goes into your reputation meter, which increases the number of neighbors you can collect the daily bonuses from when you visit. You will need to work hard to get this bonus from many neighbors.
  • You will be able to see a detailed listing of your neighbor’s game stats to the far right of the game screen.
  • You can advance to the next neighbour by clicking on their picture in the bottom right and left hand of your screen.
  • To return home look for the house button at the bottom left corner of the game screen.

  • Mmstrength
    Strength is used each time you visit a neighbor to tip/wake their helpers. You are given a maximum of 25 strength points when you start the game.
  • Each time you level up the maximum strength your meter can hold increases by 10 and you earn a complete strength meter refill each time you level up in the game.
  • Each time you give your friend tips, or wake a sleepy helper, you will spend 10 strength points.
  • Strength will regenerate over time at a rate of one strength point every three minutes.
  • How to obtain more strength - You can wait for your strength to regenerate, or like energy, there are meals you can buy for diamonds that restore strength. Levelling up also fully restores strength.
  • Note - “Energy” is what you use when you are home playing in your own mansion. “Strength" is used for neighbor visits only.
  • Each time you visit a neighbor you increase your reputation level. Hearts represent reputation in the game. There is a meter in the upper left corner under the experience meter that shows you how many reputation points you have earned. The reputation level is capped at 51. While you can continue to "earn" reputation (and this is reflected in your reputation meter) you will not go up in levels.
  • You are only allowed to collect a daily neighbor visit bonus once/friend per day, with a maximum of 50 friends (more, or less, depending on your level). If you have more than 50 friends, be sure to cycle through them every few days to ensure you're not missing visiting anyone.
  • When you look at a neighbor in the menu at the bottom of the screen look at the star to see their level and the heart to see their reputation rating. The higher the number, the more visits that person does daily.


This icon is located 7th from the top, along the right hand side of your screen. This shows top weekly players in the categories of XP, Quests, and Collecting etc. Sometimes these players will have rare roamers needed to banish for events; just tap Visit to go to their manors.


There are currently 32 achievements, with each achievement having 5 levels. Rewards are given upon each level achievement.

Special ItemsEdit

  • Special items are available in the store which when purchased give you all kinds of advantages when searching scenes in a room and removing the annoying phenomena.
  • Some of the items reverse actions in rooms and some of the items are used for entry into specific rooms.
  • You can purchase treasure chests which instantly give you six random collectible items so you do not have to search for these. The more expensive the chest the more likely you are to get rare collectibles.
  • Click on the store button then on “Special” to access two pages of these items and be sure to check back daily for more.

This is an edited version of the walkthrough originally published by Gamezebo, edited to reflect the differences in the mobile app.